„Flat Pack Wall housing

cheap „do-it-yourself kit or a real alternative?

Wall housings or even standing cabinets are seen more and more often as a “flat pack” variant. Only a „do-it-yourself kit“ as known from well-known furniture manufacturers or what can you expect from that new solution?

Freight and storage cost savings generally sound good. Cheaper purchasing prices and shipping via parcel service are also 2 points that rightly bring these ominous “Flat Pack” housings to the fore. . Like a coin, however, this product category also has its advantages and disadvantages as well as its pitfalls. Briefly summarized here:

Wall and / or floor-standing cabinets are basically always remembered with high freight costs. For this reason, a large number of these products are manufactured in Europe (mostly in Poland or Turkey), which of course causes production costs to skyrocket. Importing free-standing cabinets from Asia was and is almost uninteresting, as these giants take up a considerable volume and therefore the freight costs would kill your price advantage. Since the Chinese are quite creative when it comes to doing business, they have given birth to a “flat pack” variant. More or less to be compared with a „do-it-yourself“ kit known from many well-known furniture stores. This saved volume in the containers and it was possible to gain a foothold on the European market, because the price advantages of products made in Asia are well known. But where is the major difference for us as users? The advantages have already been discussed (low purchase price, low freight rate, less storage space and shipping via parcel services). However, there is also a second page everywhere. Up until now, people were used to unpacking their cabinets and being able to use them straight away. This is no longer the case, because the “Flat Pack” has to be assembled first. There are of course some video instructions on the Internet and an inexperienced user needs between 15 and 30 minutes for a wall cabinet and between 60 and 90 minutes for a standing cabinet. Of course, this time must be taken into account. Furthermore, one is used to our MegaS Pro cabinets that they are made of very thick steel. “Flat packs” are generally equipped with a somewhat thinner steel and do not have the load-bearing capacity that we are used to from the MegaS Pro series. We have therefore decided to initially only include wall cabinets as “flat pack” variants, since a wall housing is a good alternative.For floor-standing cabinets, this solution looked a bit too shaky and we kept our hands off it for now.

If you are looking for an inexpensive solution that creates space in your wallet as well as in your warehouse, the “Flat Pack” wall housings are definitely an alternative. However, those who place value on stable, solid wall housings, which are not only screwed but also welded, will still be able to access the usual MegaS Pro wall housings from us. We try to find a satisfactory solution for every purse as well as for every quality lover. You can find more information about our range of cabinets at www.ic-intracom.at/MegaS