USB TYP-C a solution for everything?

The actual goal of USB TYP-C

The actual goal of USB TYP-C was to develop a uniform plug for the end user in order to counteract the wild growth that had arisen up to then. From the point of view of the plug and the idea, this has worked out very well. The USB TYPE-C connection is very easy to use thanks to its double rotationally symmetrical connector and prevents mechanical damage to the connector or socket. Unfortunately, this “coin” also has two sides, because as easy as handling the connector, it will be difficult for the end customer to find the right cable in the future, because USB TYPE-C is used as a connector for several solutions, and therefore It has become more difficult for end users to find the right cable based on the connector shape. USB TYP-C can be purchased as a pure data transfer cable, as a pure charging cable, as a video transmission cable (monitor cable) or as a more cost-intensive USB TYP-C cable that meets all 3 requirements. The USB TYP-C connection is also used for Thunderbolt 3 or Thunderbolt 4, but this does not always mean that one cable always works and and is a solution for everything. In addition, the USB TYP-C cable can be used from USB 2.0 (480 Mbit) to USB 4.0 (40 Gbit) depending on the version or quality. Here you have to pay close attention to the description, as you can unfortunately no longer rely on the appearance of the connector. If you are looking for a guide in the USB TYP-C jungle, then simply contact us. We will be happy to advise you and suggest the right products for your needs. You can find suitable products on this topic at: